REIDIN Turkish Real Estate Market Overview - August 2016

posted @ 12:00am, Tuesday 23 August 2016.


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Dubai: A Tale in Three Markets

posted @ 12:00am, Friday 19 August 2016.

An analysis of the relationship between the Dubai real estate market, Financial Markets, and global oil price reveals certain trends are underway. Historically there has been a low correlation between oil and real estate price action. However, in the last 6 months the relationship has dramatically increased as concerns have amplified of the impact of oil prices on real estate activity.

Similarly, there has been a moderately positive correlation between the equity and real estate market. This relationship has inverted in the last 6-12 month, as the equity market rebounded by more than 25% from its lows. Mean reversion suggests again that the relationship is expected to normalize, suggesting an imminent rise in real estate prices.

A lagged correlation between the number of units launched and the subsequent impact on real estate prices confirms an intuitively understood relationship. Given a two to three-year lag, there is a strong negative correlation between the number of units launched and the level of price activity.

This relationship has been empirically observed to be stable for over a decade, implying that part of the subdued price performance has been attributable to the number of launches that have been witnessed. Given the stronger relationship that exists between the ready supply and price levels, however, an internally consistent paradigm implies a gradual increase in price levels, something that has already started to be observed in select communities.

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REIDIN Office Rental Index Increased for 2016 Q2

posted @ 12:00am, Wednesday 17 August 2016.

According to REIDIN Office Rental Index 2016 Q2 results, rental values  increased in  2016 Q2. The highest office rental value was observed in Esentepe, one of the 21 office districts in Istanbul. The lowest office rental values were observed in Kavacık and Kartal.

According to REIDIN Office Rental Index 2016 Q2 results, rental values increased by 0.26% for upper price office segment and increased by 0.57% for lower price office segment in Istanbul overall according to the previous quarter.

Among the office districts, Esentepe recorded the highest rental price of 42.51 USD/sqm in upper price segment and 26.89 USD/sqm in lower price segment. Kartal district shows the lowest rental price of 14.30 USD/sqm in upper price segment while Pendik district has the lowest rental price of 6.68 USD/sqm in lower price segment.

*Rental Value: US $/sqm Monthly
** Index, 2009 Q1=100

** Index, 2009 Q1=100

*Rental Value: US $/sqm Monthly

** According to official records.

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