1 December 2013

Doğuş Group and REIDIN partnership will strengthen the real estate market even more


Doğuş Group, continuing to grow in the internet sector through its new investments, became partners with the global real estate information company REIDIN

According to the statement made by Doğuş Group, Doğuş is aiming for bringing a new perspective to the real estate sector, making the sector more transparent, and increasing the efficiency of the sector players with its new investment.

Doğuş Group has been lately giving acceleration to its investments in the internet sector: Partnership with the South Korean SK Group, one of the leading global information technology companies on the online shopping site N11.com; Related Group that comprises Turkey’s biggest digital marketing platform Euromessage within itself; Markafoni Group through the vertical e-commerce site enmoda.com; and bonubon.com, e-commerce platform that offers premium services.

As part of its ongoing internet investments, Doğuş Group has recently become partners with REIDIN, a global real estate information company focusing real estate markets in the emerging countries. Highly preferred by real estate professionals from all segments such as international investment funds, local banks, financial institutions, real estate companies, agents and brokers, governmental institutions, developers etc., REIDIN is aiming to become the most reliable real estate information reference point and grow stronger in Turkey and other international markets through its partnership with Doğuş Group.

Established in 2007 and based in Dubai, REIDIN is the first company in the sector providing up-to-date data, information and analysis about the real estate markets in the emerging countries.

REIDIN covers 35 emerging economies on the whole, including Turkey, United Arab Emirates, China, Russia, India and Brazil.

REIDIN is specially acknowledged in Turkey for its proprietary “Secondary Real Estate Market Indices” sponsored by Garanti Mortgage, and the “New Homes Real Estate Indices” published in collaboration with REITs Association of Turkey (GYODER). REIDIN serves its clients the most extensive and in-depth analysis, indices and property/project information about the real estate sectors in Turkey.

Doğuş Group’s CEO Hüsnü Akhan has stated: “Our aim is to enable REIDIN to become the most reliable reference point in its own field of activity.”

Doğuş Group’s CEO Hüsnü Akhan has said in his statement with regard to the partnership with REIDIN: “As Doğuş Group, our aim is to grow consistently in all our business lines and to continue to invest in the sectors that we are currently active. Both in Turkey and abroad, we continue to evaluate opportunities in the sectors that we currently operate. In this sense, our partnership with REIDIN, a global real estate information technology company focusing on emerging markets, means a lot to us, as part of our increasing investments lately in the field of information technology. Our aim is to let this partnership develop and get stronger in a short span of time and to see REIDIN as the most reliable reference point in its own field of activity.”

Ahmet Kayhan, Co-Founder and CEO at REIDIN.com has stated: “We are honored and utterly happy that we have made a partnership with Doğuş Group, such a reputable and strong corporation, whilst working hard to bring a new perspective to the real estate sectors and to increase transparency, professionalism and efficiency in the sector. Doğuş Group’s interest and trust in our company has showed us that we are doing the right job. It has also proved how promising this line of business is.

Now we will accelerate our operations even more with the help of this partnership with Doğuş Group. In this sense, we will increase the number of cities in Turkey that we provide index services, from 7 to 20 by the year-end and number of countries from 2 to 12. Also we are still working on several different projects such as Intelligent Mapping platforms, brand new reporting and industry-specific analysis tools and various other database systems.”

About Doğuş Group:
Founded in 1951, Doğuş Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Turkey and has the vision of being a regional leader in the services sector.

The Group is active in eight core businesses: financial services, automotive, construction, media, tourism and services, real estate, energy and entertainment.

Doğuş Group has over 200 companies and a workforce of nearly 35 thousand people. The Group seeks to maximize the value of its brands, not only in Turkey but also in the regional and global context. Doğuş Group has created reputable brands with global standards and has been representing Turkey worldwide. Its name is a source of attraction for the international investors who are interested in Turkey. The Group has contributed to this process by creating a synergy with global giants including BBVA, Volkswagen AG, TÜVSÜD, CNBC, MSNBC, Condé Nast, Hyatt International, HMS International Hotel GmbH (Maritim), IMG Worldwide, South Korean SK Group, İstanbul Doors Group, International Azumi Group (Owner of ZUMA restaurants), Latsis Group, Kiriacoulis Group and the Adriatic Croatia International (ACI) Group.

Behind the success of Doğuş Group there lies a customer-focused and productivity-centered management style. This style is not only formed through material gains, but it also embodies a strong corporate citizenship approach from which the whole society can benefit. The Group implements several corporate social responsibility and sponsorship projects, with a special focus on child development, education, environment, culture & arts and sports.

About REIDIN – Real Estate Information Company:
Established in 2007 in Dubai, REIDIN is the leading real estate information company focusing on emerging markets. With offices in Istanbul and Dubai, REIDIN offers intelligent and user-friendly online information solutions helping professionals access relevant data and information in a timely and cost effective basis. REIDIN “Data & Research Team” together with a global network of Information Partners endeavors to provide high-end analysis and research support.

REIDIN Clients enjoy:

Latest real estate data and information available from emerging countries
Access to price trends and analysis, indices, listings, valuations and transactions, building and project level data in selected countries, company profiles, latest news and research from local and global information sources
Advanced search, analysis, comparables and mapping tools
Fully archived data sets
Special discounts on networking events/conferences.

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