26 December 2008

Green Economy


below is an interesting article I read last night. See how they come up with different incentives all of which are good differentiation and image-building motives


Self-proclaimed as the first hotel with a “conscience,” every detail of San Francisco’s Good Hotel, from location to room design, is meant to instigate good social and eco-behavior (USAToday.com 11.3.08).
In addition to eco-friendly materials, guest rooms feature bathroom sinks that recycle water (guests flush with the same water with which they first wash) and small reminders like “Be Good” signage on walls. The hotel is located within walking distance of attractions and one block from public transportation, but a green parking area includes free parking for hybrid cars.
Setting a Good example, hotel employees are rewarded for charity work and guests can easily access charitable opportunities via lobby phones.
Remember when everyone started claiming to be “all natural” and “organic?” When buzzwords get contagious on a corporate level, consumers start to question the real deal. True do-gooders clearly set a model example from top to bottom.
Being inspired by a stimulating environment and rewarded for good behavior makes it easy for consumers to be socially responsible.

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