19 November 2008

Investments into Dubai real estate sector cross Dhs158bn in 2008


Investments into the real estate sector in Dubai has crossed the Dhs158bn mark in 2008 based on the number of sales, leasing, and mortgage transactions registered in Dubai, according to REIDIN.com, the world’s first and leading global online information services provider.

Aiming to offer investors, developers and industry professionals with the most comprehensive information on the real estate market, REIDIN.com has successfully completed its participation at the ‘Urban Waterfronts Conference 2008’, which was held from November 16 – 18, 2008, at the Hyatt Regency, Dubai.

Highlighting detailed information on the value, number of transactions, and investor activity in the last two years, Ahmet Kayhan, CEO, REIDIN.com presented a paper on the global financial crisis and its effects on the real estate sector in the UAE and the Middle East region as a whole.

Recently published reports have shown that the global market value of waterfront development projects is expected to cross $500bn in the next five years, with Dubai being one of the most active players featuring some of the most iconic developments located off the shores of the wealthy emirate.

Dubai’s Palm Island trilogy – Palm Deira, Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali are currently among the most recognisable, most ambitious and most prestigious waterfront projects in the world, creating a range of new business opportunities for both regional and international investors. Leveraging REIDIN.com’s extensive database and resources, Ahmet Kayhan addressed the key trends and investor preferences at the ‘Urban Waterfronts Conference 2008’ and market demand and supply vis-

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