20 January 2013

Iran’s choice for foreign real estate investment: Turkey and UAE


A survey conducted by REIDIN.com and Conovi, one of Iran’s major online internet companies, shows the tendencies of Iranians in their real estate investments.

Among those who joined the survey, 64% said they owned property in UAE and 72% in Turkey.

The most preferred cities in these countries appear to be Dubai (58,30%) and Istanbul (54,20%).


According to the results of the survey, most of these investments are for “residential purposes” (%87,50).


52% of the Iranians who chose to buy property in Turkey and UAE stated that they are planning to invest more in these countries in the next 24 months. The primary motivation behindmaking these further investments were specified as both “residential” and “return-on-investment”; and Istanbul (15%) and Dubai (%19), again,  appear to be the most preferred cities.

Looking at the range of these investments, results display the highest percentage as “100.000$ and below” (38%), closely followed by the investments between “100.000$ – 249.000$” (35%).


The question regarding themethods of payment has been answered as “cash” (29%), followed by “mortgage” (35%) and “cash + mortgage” (37%).


But who exactly are these Iranian investors? The survey also displays a common profile: Those who purchased property in Turkey and UAE appear to be most commonly male (89%), married (54%), young (25 – 34 years old: 46%), full-time employed (62%) and own a bachelor’s degree (52%).

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