30 October 2008

LATAM Notes from ULI Fall Meeting


++ Brazil – 22 developers listed – should have been only 3-4 – most of them will shake out –


++ Brazil + Mexico looks like on the top of all –


++ Argentina – looks like the weakest and politically unstable in the entire region – huge problems – international investors don’t like it –


++ Chile – stable, good market – fundemantals strong – investors like it a lot


B/c of crisis – consolidation is coming up – markets are shrinking –

++ Colombia can be the next story – 3rd biggest population – 44m


3rd highest fdi after Br, Mx


100% tax exemption for 30yrs for hotel investments-most of the CEOs of the big multinationals in the LATAM are from Colombia as they are independent – Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile have huge competition in b/w



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