16 August 2010

New advanced REBIS is available now in BETA version


After months of internal development, the enhanced REBIS platform is now in BETA

Maintaining REIDIN.com’s primary focus of providing hard to get Real Estate DATA & INFORMATION – the new REBIS Country Products have been built on a sophisticated platform allowing a better integration and access to a massive “PLOT-PROJECT-PROPERTY-UNIT” level data collected by newly instated in-house local field survey teams. In this Beta version – access to unit level data is available for two countries – UAE and Turkey with others to follow.

Together with a new professional interface, the new REIDIN.com platform will provide enhanced user-experience through improved SEARCH functions, high-end PERSONALIZATION and CUSTOMIZATION tools and an easy-to-navigate layout with quick clicks to compare, chart and download data, build alerts and the most common functionalities.

Specifically, you will see the following KEY features in this version:

    * Distinct Country Separation: Cost-effective data solutions – Subscribe only to the markets on which you focus

    * Property Data & Information: Access to “Plot-Project-Property-Unit level information together with images and floor plans

    * Data & Indices: Comparative charting tool gives access to new data sets and market indicators, more granular data analysis within REBIS, as well as smooth download for external data manipulation

    * New MyREBIS:Categorize, organize and manage your Searches, Buildings, Projects, Companies the way you want

    * REIDIMap: State-of-art Map tool. Download, Draw, Save your projects on Map, Spatial analysis

    * Lifetime @reidin.net account: Change your company but keep your own reidin.net username and customization settings

    * Personalization: Specify currency, units, date format, and your own landing page –  how you view the information that’s most important to us

    * Enhanced Alerts: Organize and manage alerts more effectively so staying on top of the markets is effortless

    * Local Content Support: Now access content in local languages

Your feedback prompted these new developments – to ensure we are on the right track, we request you to start exploring the new interface and let us know your feedback and suggestions.  This is your opportunity to make sure the evolution of REBIS matches the needs of real estate professionals such as you.

Thank you for your continued support.

Click and experience new features now or Contact us to book a FREE training session.

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