27 August 2007

REIDIN.com and IPD Occupiers sign strategic partnership agreement for MENA and Turkey


Global online real estate business REIDIN.com has recently signed a strategic partnership contract for IPD Occupiers in the MENA Region and Turkey. By collaborating closely with IPD Occupiers, REIDIN.com will now represent IPD Occupiers (a business unit of the Investment Property Databank Limited, IPD, based in London, UK) exclusively in these regions.

IPD is a global information business, dedicated to the supply of independent market indices and portfolio benchmarks to the property industry. IPD Occupiers provides management information to property occupiers and their advisors. As occupiers have a whole range of issues to consider – cost, quality, location, business needs and productivity- IPD excels in understanding such trends in a strategic business-related fashion.

The partnership comes at an important time for REIDIN as the company expands its geographic coverage globally while MENA and Turkey are at the forefront of its focus.

The managing director and CEO of REIDIN.com explained the importance of this partnership, stating:

“IPD Occupiers is a renowned real estate performance management and benchmark studies firm with more than 1,000 clients. REIDIN.com is also well recognized among real estate professionals from MENA and Turkey. By forging a strategic partnership between REIDIN.com and IPD Occupiers, we may provide business solutions to real estate end-users in these regions on behalf of IPD. In short, we have created a win-win alliance” said Ahmet Kayhan.

The regional partnership has been equally praised by IPD Occupiers’ Global Business Development department.

The department’s director, Paul Carder proclaimed “we are very interested in the rapid development of real estate markets in MENA and Turkey. We believe that by working with REIDIN.com, IPD Occupiers has found itself a good partner to jointly benefit from the growth in these regions.”  

Both companies are keen on expanding their product portfolios in these regions and REIDIN’s partnership with IPD Occupiers marks the beginning of this vision for both.

For further inquiries regarding this press release please contact:

IPD Occupiers:

Paul Carder



Director – Global Business Development

Tel: +44 7970 406477



Mrs. Nida Rizvi



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