22 August 2007

REIDIN.com introduces MyREIDIN personalization feature and new homepage


REIDIN.com, the world’s first real estate information portal dedicated to emerging countries, recently launched its MyREIDIN personalization feature on their website along with developing a more user-friendly homepage for their clients highlighting recently signed strategic partnership agreements with HYPO Real Estate and IPD Occupiers.


REIDIN.com focuses on areas which attract a significant amount of FDI into their real estate markets. Having clients such as fund managers, property companies, consultants, advisers, investors, and analysts, with substantially different interests, the need for a specialization feature that catered to the diverse demands of the international real estate industry was important to REIDIN.com.


MyREIDIN now allows clients to create a customized interface where they can easily select and save publications, articles, and search inquiries. Email Alerts may be set so that new articles and information related to a client’s subject interest are delivered directly to their inbox. MyREIDIN will also carry flexible settings so that users may personalize their interface with easy and fast custom tools.


REIDIN’s new homepage will have a section for subscribers to receive discounts on events and items featured under the “Special Offers for REIDIN.com clients” tab. After logging into their account, clients may now easily access discounts and offers exclusively made for REIDIN.com clients.

“Our new homepage is the result of a long and careful project with our design and tech teams. We give top priority to the feedback we receive from our clients and affiliates and believe that both our subscribers as well as commercial partners will greatly appreciate our new homepage.” added Mehmet Erkek, REIDIN.com’s Chief Technology Officer.


However, according to REIDIN’s CEO Mr. Ahmet Kayhan, these products are just the beginning, as he explains:

“MyREIDIN is just one of many new developments we are planning to release. Our clients will be able to find diverse content that is more relevant to their strategic business needs. We aim to continuously improve our clients’ experience with our services by adding new features and information providers.”


Clearly there is much ahead for the company’s future as REIDIN’s team remains devoted to improving its service so that clients can easily monitor and understand the latest news, market trends, and business challenges relevant to them.

For further inquiries regarding this press release please contact:

Mrs. Nida Rizvi


Product and Information Executive – REIDIN.com



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