12 August 2008

REIDIN.com launches Deals Tab on REBIS (Real Estate Business Information Service) platform


Many property investors over the last few years have enjoyed a windfall in capital gains and are now looking for opportunities especially in Emerging Markets to make their capital continue to grow. Deals information is invaluable to any property professional. REBIS Deals gives you access to a comprehensive commercial property database gathered specifically for Emerging Markets covering Middle East, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin-America.


If you want to be informed instantly when new property deals happen in your desired area, REIDIN MyAlert keeps you up to date automatically. You can specify exactly what you want to be alerted on.

Key features include:

  • Comprehensive database of Real Estate Deals and Transactions
  • Integrated with REBIS other features including News, Research, Market Data, Macro and Legal
  • Detailed search tool based on:
    • Property Type
      1. Retail, Residential, Land, Office, Mixed-use, Hospitality, Infrastructure,
    • Deal Type
      1. Sales, Leasing, Mortgage, Division, Granted, Inheritance, …
    • City, Country
    • Value
    • Date  
  • Advanced alert mechanism
  • Sophisticated indexing
  • Access to Buyer, Seller, Other Parties involved in the Transaction
  • Monitor other deals of the related with parties on the same screen if available


REBIS Deals is an excellent competitive intelligence service helping it’s users to be the first to react to market changes.


To take a trial of this new product on REBIS (Real Estate Business information Service) and REIDIN.com’s full range of information services please contact your nearest REIDIN.com office. 



About REIDIN.com

REIDIN.com is the world’s first online information service providing a range of intelligence products dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of Real Estate market professionals interested in developing economies.

REIDIN.com serves Developers and Builders, Investors and Lenders, Designers, Marketing Managers, Government Institutions, Tenants and Occupants: End-users, Sellers, Buyers and Landlords, Property and Asset Managers, Lawyers. through offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul and London.

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