15 May 2008

REIDIN.com launches MACROECONOMIC DATA TRENDS AND ANALYSIS Tool on REBIS – Real Estate Business Information Service


Real Estate investment decisions lie not only on the value of an individual asset, nor simply in understanding market trends of the sector, but are intrinsically influenced by macroeconomic fundamentals.


To better serve real estate professionals’ needs for a detailed picture of all levels of emerging property markets, REIDIN.com has released the latest in a series of additions to its REBIS (Real Estate Business Information Service) platform with a convenient one stop resource for macroeconomic data, news and research. 


The new REBIS – Macro Data Analysis and Trends tool provides three easily accessible sections covering DATA, NEWS and RESEARCH on the macroeconomic environment of emerging markets, all collated with the real estate professional in mind. 


Key features include:

  • Demographic, financial and ratings data covering 39 indicators across 56 emerging markets

  • All indicators fully downloadable with time series data

  • Instant charting functions to graphically compare multiple indicators across diverse economies 

These data series are complemented by REIDIN.com’s collection of respected news and analytical reports giving a clear understanding of historical, current and future trends in the macro environment.


The new Macroeconomic Analysis tool can be accesses here: http://rebis.reidin.com/Macro.html?mode=search


To take a trial of this new product on REBIS (Real Estate Business information Service) and REIDIN.com’s full range of information services please contact your nearest REIDIN.com office, or complete the attached form: http://www.reidin.com/subscribepop.html?rebis=REBIS 

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