10 February 2015

REIDIN Launches its Newest Product: REIDIN3.0 – First of Its Kind in Emerging Markets


New version of REIDIN (REIDIN3.0) is now ready for access in Beta mode. With the new REIDIN, users have access to several cool new tools and features that will help them analyze property markets, properties and projects in detail.

All the research shows today real estate professional go online first when they need real intelligence. And most of the time when they make market research and analysis, they search for data or information about a specific building or area – city, town, and neighborhood – then they combine this intelligence with market level trends and comparable data sets. In line with this fact and after years of market and product knowledge and months of usability research REIDIN products are redesigned to become more user friendly, efficient and effective for thousands of REIDIN users. New REIDIN helps users save more time and effort while they are doing real estate market analysis in more than 27 emerging countries including Turkey, UAE, China, Hong Kong and many more.

In addition to a new SMART SEARCH ENGINE which lies in the core of the new product, users have access to multiple new analysis tools and features such as HEATMAPS, COMPARISON REPORTS and ENHANCED MARKET INDICES.  

Users arealso able to view and analyze in depth and valuable CITY, TOWN AND NEIGHBORHOODlevel TRANSACTION AND ASKING PRICES, PROPERTY INVENTORY, SUPPLY, INDICES AND DEMOGRAPHICS DATA SETS using multiple new tools and features.

One more cool feature is that now REIDIN users can COMPARE PROPERTY AND PROJECT PROFILES, AREAS, TRENDS, PRICES AND OTHER SPECIFIC PROPERTY INFORMATION on the same COMPARISON REPORT and save or share this report with their colleagues.

New maps on REIDIN uses  Google Maps infrastructure with advanced features such as HEATMAPS, DRAW YOUR SEARCH, UPLOAD YOUR OWN MAP IN KML FORMAT, VIEW MAP REPORT, CREATE YOUR OWN LAND ANALYSIS.

How about MOBILE? Today one cannot consider an online product not working on mobile. Hence the new REIDIN is designed MOBILE RESPONSIVE and works on all mobile phones and tablets seamlessly.
Last but not leastin addition to all these cool product and service level enhancements and developments new REIDIN also allows different type of subscription packages (FREE, SILVER and GOLD) matching the needs and budgets of different segments of real estate professionals.

Commenting on the same Ahmet Kayhan, CEO of REIDIN told: “It’s another important milestone in the history of REIDIN. We have always put product and data quality in the heart of our services. With our partnership with Dogus Group last year finally we had a chance to step back and redesign our products to serve our clients much effectively. With this new REIDIN platform we will be able to enter new markets and launch new products more rapidly. In line with these changes we are also enhancing our strategic partnerships around the world.”
Previous version of REIDIN will still be accessible until 30th April 2015 until users get used to the new one.

New REIDIN is accessible via www.REIDIN.com.

REIDIN is the leading real estate information company focusing on emerging markets. REIDIN helps real estate professionals access hard to get real estate data and information in a timely and cost effective basis by providing them intelligent and user-friendly information solutions.

REIDIN Data & Research and Technology Teams together with a global network of Information Partners endeavors to provide high-end real estate analysis and research support. Among REIDIN’s clients are Real Estate Developer, Banks, Mortgage and Insurance Companies, Agents/Brokers, Appraisal Firms, Consultancies and Government Agencies.

Contact REIDIN:
Web:      www.REIDIN.com
Tel:        +90 212 347 59 60 – Istanbul
             +971 4 433 13 98 – Dubai
eMail:    info@REIDIN.com

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