10 November 2015

REIDIN Office Rental Index showed a slown down on Istanbul’s long run decrease for 2015 Q3


According to REIDIN Office Rental Index 2015 Q3 results, decrease in office rental values has slown down for 2015 Q3. The highest office rental value was observed in Esentepe, one of the 21 office district in Istanbul. The lowest office rental values were observed in Kavacık and Pendik.

According to REIDIN Office Rental Index 2015 Q3 results, rental values decreased by 0.07% for Upper Price Office Segment and decreased by 0.05% for Lower Price Office Segment in Istanbul general according to the previous quarter.

Among the office districts of upper price segment, Esentepe district recorded the highest rental price of 42.11 USD/sqm. Kavacık district shows the lowest rental price of 14.48 USD/sqm in upper price segment while Pendik district has the lowest rental price of 6.76 USD/sqm in lower price segment.

*Rental Value: US $/sqm Monthly
** Index, 2009 Q1=100

** Index, 2009 Q1=100

*Rental Value: US $/sqm Monthly

** According to official records.

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