28 January 2015

REIDIN proudly introduces its new interface with new features


New version(3.0) of REIDIN is now ready for your access.
With new REIDIN you will have access to several new tools and features that will hep you with your property market analysis, research and reports.


You will find all you need by using our new smart search engine.

Heat Map

You will be able to view and analyze City, Town and District level Price, Stock, Indices and Demographics type of valuable data sets using our heatmaps and other analysis tools.
City, Town, District Level Analysis

Property and Project Comparison

Detailed Market Trends Analysis

Stock Data and Maps of an Area

Compare Areas

City, Town, District, Project and Property level Price Analysis

Compare property profiles, prices, and other area level information on the same screen.
It’s time to experience a new way of analyzing property markets.

You will still have access to both versions of REIDIN until 30th April 2015.
*Comparison feature is only available for GOLD clients.

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