4 February 2014

REIDIN Turkey Office Rental Values remain constant according to 2013 Q4 results


According to REIDIN Office Index 2013 Q4 results, rental values of upper price segment increased by 0.45% and rental values of lower price segment decreased by 0.44% from the previous quarter.

Among office districts of upper price segment, Esentepe district recorded the highest rental price of 43.19 USD/sqm.  And Esentepe also has the highest rental price of 31.50 USD/sqm among lower price segment districts.

Among total 18 office districs, Yeşilköy/Havaalanı districts shows the lowest rental price of 16.29 USD/sqm in upper price segment and Kavacık district has the lowest rental price of 9.52 USD/sqm of lower price segment.

In the Q4 2013, we have expanded our data coverage, since under construction office projects have come into the market as a new supply and we’ve also added building level rent prices, occupancy rates and maintenance values.

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