13 June 2009

The property pulse rate


If there is anything people need in the property market in the UAE, it is reliable data. Every week, people are bombarded by different numbers: prices rising, declining, flattening out. Some of it is anecdotal and some is based on actual research. It’s hard to keep track of it or to know which data to trust.

So, in an effort to help bring clarity to the market we will start publishing data on Crane Country in partnership with Reidin.com. We are just getting started with this, so please let us know if you have better ideas on how to present it. For now, we are going to focus on 1. The number and value of transactions by type of purchase 2. The top banks by mortgages issued and 3. The top nationalities and neighborhoods.

Reidin.com gets the data directly from the Dubai Land Department as it comes in, so it probably has the most accurate numbers out there.

See all the charts after the jump …

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