23 August 2010

Unique Property Information Now Offered By Reidin.Com


REIDIN.com launches a new fully upgraded version of its flagship real estate business information service REBIS
Now powered with individual property level data

United Arab Emirates, Dubai: REIDIN.com, the leading real estate information services provider focusing on emerging markets has today announced the launch of the Version2.0 of its flagship product: REBIS – Real Estate Business Information Service that follows and tracks the real estate supply, demand and price trends in over 35 individual emerging market countries. The portal provides information on individual residential and commercial properties with over 50 unique property attributes that include location, size, occupancy, rental/sales price, floor plans, tenants, transaction activities, images as well as rent and sales price data.

Ahmet Kayhan, CEO, REIDIN.com said, “We are very excited with the outcome of our new REBIS Country Products which is a result of the requests and questions we have received from our valuable clients and partners related to property markets since the inception of REIDIN.com. We have collected and collated property level information and combined with the current listings, transactions, projects and other relevant datasets that will help our clients better overview the property supply, demand and price metrics in a given city, area or even a building. REBIS is a unique platform that is a necessity for all real estate professionals who are keen on staying informed and up to date on both the macro and micro levels.”

Finding the need to provide not only macro level information but also the huge need for micro level data, REIDIN.com has embarked on a mammoth project by gathering individual building level data. The data is collected and updated by an in-house team of local surveyors. The property level data will grant REIDIN.com clients access to hard-to-find information on a desired property with just a click of a button. In this Beta version – access to unit level data is currently available for three cities – Dubai, Istanbul and Hong Kong, to be followed by data from major cities of over 35 countries of emerging markets.

“We are proud to be the pioneers in providing such unique data and information covering emerging markets. This solidly enhances our commitment in being the leading real estate information provider through our advanced technology and solid partnerships with government entities and strategic industry partners.” said Kayhan.

On the technology front, REIDIN.com’s Chief Information Officer, Mehmet Erkek said, “The REBIS platform uses highly advanced technologies that are very sophisticated yet user friendly, designed based on a web 2.0 approach and an improved fully Ajax integration. The platform is intelligently built in-house to be location centric and content has been reorganised to be country based rather than regional, highlighting local content for customised user requirements.”

A major addition to REBIS is the REIDIMapTM tool that allows users to highlight and zoom down to any property on the map to reveal data attributes of the property and its surroundings. In addition, the REIDIMapTM  tool allows users to do searches using complex geometries, do proximity analysis to find about neighbouring buildings, to download, draw, save and edit their map data.

 Moreover, the new enhancements include more personalisation, enhanced alerts as well as local content support that allow users to access content in local languages. A new MyREBIS helps users personalise, categorise, organise and manage their searches, buildings, projects and companies the way they want.

The REBIS platform hosts around 600,000 data time-series from over 35 countries, and also hosts abundant data and information including news, research, projects, deals and company profiles, legal, and macroeconomic data fully archived and searchable powered by customisation, analytical and charting tools.

REIDIN.com is totally committed to serving the real estate sectors by providing accurate and transparent market intelligence. The company’s focus is on emerging markets where data is not yet easily available. With the use of highly sophisticated technology, the company has managed to break through the stagnant and opaque waters of underdeveloped markets and has been the pioneer in sourcing hard-to-find real estate information. Investors, analysts, and real estate professionals, among others currently using the services of REIDIN.com are armed and well equipped with vital information and data that they can depend on to make accurate decisions for their businesses.

About REIDIN.com (www.reidin.com )
REIDIN.com is an online information company providing a range of intelligence products dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of real estate market professionals interested in Emerging markets.
REIDIN.com provides hard–to-find proprietary business news, analysis, research, data and intelligence with online tools and services that enable real estate professionals to enhance their understanding of emerging markets such as United Arab Emirates, China, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina and more.
REIDIN.com services are used by investors, fund managers, developers, consultants, researchers, valuation experts, construction and project managers, occupiers, as well as many others who are interested in monitoring and understanding the market trends and business challenges relevant to them in real estate markets.
Moreover, to cater to the specific demands of Dubai’s dynamic property market, REIDIN.com has teamed up with the Dubai Land Department to establish DUBAIFocus, the first exclusive online information product tracking real estate deals and transactions in Dubai. DUBAIFocus – which has data from as far back as 1973 – provides daily information on all types of land, villa, and flat deals (sales, mortgage, lease, grant, inheritance, etc.) in Dubai.

Other REIDIN.com Products

REBIS:  Our flagship product covers 48 emerging countries – News, Research, Analysis, Projects, Malls, Macro Data, Legal, Companies, Market Data

DUBAIFocus: A very special and comprehensive intelligence service reporting on all Real Estate Transactions in Dubai registered by DLD since 1973 till today. Powered by Google Maps, analytical tools, and in depth data mining functions.

INDEXFocus: is an online information service for real estate professionals to monitor and analyze residential house price data, with analytical tools to perform multiple market comparisons.

RETAILFocus: A product delivering an ever-growing database of malls, shopping centers, tenants, projects and retail real estate deals along with retail real estate news and research reports.

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